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thedualrabbits replied to your post:  
if you have strictly no talent at the begining, even with practice, you’re going nowhere. I’m deeply sure of it.

I disagree with this. Drawing is a skill like any other and can be honed with practice. Some people may be more adept at it than others, but I think anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort can become good.

I don’t even believe in talent.  Nobody can convince me talent is a real thing that exists.

Drawing is all practice, technique, and hard work.

Yeah, every time someone tells me I’m good because “I just am” or “I was born with talent” I get kinda insulted. I mean dang, think about all that time I coulda been playing more sports or watching more TV or hanging with friends as a middle schooler and high schooler and young adult instead of spending all my freetime drawing and spending my elective credits in art classes. Dang, I coulda just not tried at all and been just as good as I am now with that kinda logic :U

No, thing is me (and most my peers) started drawing at an early age, like 11-15, and for someone who in my case is now 25, that’s over 10 years of practice as opposed to someone who decided to start trying last year.

I think people might be born with an inclination for art or a predisposition that makes it favorable, so consequently they pick it up fast out of enthusiasm and eagerness because of the feedback of doing the work and seeing growth and improvement, but even for writers there’s a reason humans have to learn to hold a pencil so they can write words and then have to learn the language and vocabulary to form stories. You study vocabulary words and then try to use those words a lot so they slide to the tip of your tongue more readily and you require less trips to the thesaurus, which speeds up the process. Same goes for art, in the techniques and language of art.

And in a similar vein, You gotta train your hand as much as your brain. A lot of drawing is pure muscle memory. There’s a reason artists tend to have a dominant hand and some trains themselves to use their other hands — having the knowledge doesn’t translate into magically holding a pencil and making the shapes. You gotta train your hands.

If you just started drawing recently, you’ll get there in 10 years or so! Maybe a few years sooner, if you’re an adult with lots of resources, teachers, and/or a strong passion/drive. Whether or not that’s encouraging or discouraging to hear is what makes all the difference.

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